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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic is a distinct profession revolving around the principal that the human body is a self-healing organism which facilitates health from within.  Chiropractic care is a great source of relief Read More

What is Therapy?

     Therapy is the use of natural means either manually or using instruments to assist and treat patients with physical ailments without the use of drugs or surgery. There Read More

Myofascial Massage Treatment

       In myofascial massage a firm straight edge instrument is used to massage over the skin. This is different than a manual massage in that the massage tool Read More

Auto Accidents

Auto accidents are an unfortunate occurrence that can strike us at any time. The resultant force of the acceleration and deceleration process that results from an auto accident travels through Read More

Chiropractic Neurology

The central nervous system is comprised of the brain and spinal cord. These structures are so important to our survival that our bodies have completely surrounded them by a fortress Read More

Is There a Design Flaw in the Human Spine?

It seems that back pain has been plaguing the human species since the beginning of history. Archeologist have unearthed human remains thousands of years old showing the telltale signs of Read More

Chronic Sitting, the Silent Killer

As technology is advancing at the speed of light the question arises can we keep up? Computers and robots are doing more and more of the tasks we used to Read More

Is Spinal Surgery the Solution?

Over 80% of the population will suffer from neck or back pain during their lifetime. The question is what to do about it? The traditional advice of family medicine doctors Read More

The Mystery of Migraines

Many headache sufferers tend to just pop an aspirin whenever they feel an episode coming on and for most that will do the trick. However, many headaches can be very Read More

Viewing 13 - 21 out of 21 posts

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