Conditions Treated

Conditions Treated and Chiropractic Pain Treatment from Our Chiropractor

Chiropractors treat various conditions, including providing patients with injury treatment and pain treatment plans to help improve their overall quality of life. A chiropractor can provide care and treatment for various conditions and illnesses, including arthritis, sleeping disorders, digestive disorders, and more. Learn more about the conditions treated in our office at Spine & Joint Chiropractic Rehab Clinic in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, by calling us today. 

What Is a Chiropractic Adjustment? 

A chiropractic adjustment is a holistic treatment performed by a chiropractor who uses manipulates and realign the joints in the body. This form of pain treatment is also known as spinal or joint manipulation. It is used to help reduce pain by realigning the body to help improve body functions and relieve pressure from joints and nerves. 

Who Is a Chiropractor? 

A chiropractor is commonly known for treating lower back pain but can treat many conditions affecting the nervous and musculoskeletal systems. Seeing our chiropractor can help treat many conditions affecting joints, muscles, and bone dysfunctions using chiropractic care options, such as spinal adjustments, cold laser therapy, corrective exercises, lifestyle guidance, and diet and nutrition counseling. 

Conditions Treated by Our Chiropractor

Our chiropractor can help treat various conditions, including providing pain management and injury treatment plans. Some of the conditions our chiropractor can help treat includes lower back pain, muscle pain, neck pain, and chronic headaches and migraines. Essentially, our chiropractor can treat conditions affected by the musculoskeletal system, including pain in the head, jaws, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, pelvis, knees, and ankles. 

Chiropractors can also help treat conditions such as arthritis, sciatica, digestive issues, stress, anxiety, and sleeping disorders. Patients recently involved in an auto accident might also seek chiropractic care to treat their injuries, including whiplash. We can also help with sports injuries and work place injuries. In many cases, a spinal adjustment can help realign the spine and can help relieve the many symptoms associated with these conditions. 

Get Chiropractic Injury Treatment and Pain Treatment from Our Chiropractor

If you are unsure if our chiropractor can help you with your medical condition or chronic pain, call us, and we can schedule a consultation and evaluation. During the assessment, our chiropractor can help discuss your options and treatment plans for pain management and relief. We at Spine & Joint Chiropractic Rehab Clinic in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, are dedicated to helping patients live happy, healthy, pain-free lives through various chiropractic care techniques and options. Call us at +971-4-566-5763 for more information.

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