Electric Stim Treatment

Electric Stimulation Therapy

Our chiropractor has multiple treatment options to help you. You may only know about the spinal adjustments that chiropractors perform but we can actually use varied tools and techniques to provide treatment. We at the Spine & Joint Chiropractic Rehab Clinic in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, have a diverse skillset here to help you get pain relief and recover from your injuries.


To help ensure that our patients receive receive the best type of care, we utilize whichever tool or technique is best suited for them. In some cases, that may necessitate the usage of electric stimulation therapy. Read more if you wish to learn more about that type of treatment.

What Is Electric Stimulation Therapy?

As you’ve probably guessed, electric stimulation therapy (e-stim therapy) is a form of treatment that relies on electric currents. Our chiropractor will apply an electric current directly to your body to mimic the signals sent by your nervous system.

Those signals should start to move your muscles. Your muscles might start to contract and relax continuously. The continuous stimulations can help to produce positive effects.

Electric stimulation can provide pain relief. It does so by blocking your pain receptors. If you have soft tissue injuries, electric stimulation therapy can help minimize the pain impact they have on you.

Our chiropractor may also suggest using electric stimulation therapy to help with nervous system problems. If you are having problems related to nerves, e-stim may be able to help.

What Receiving Electric Stimulation Therapy from Our Chiropractor Will Feel Like

Hearing that electric currents will be used to stimulate your body may give you some cause for concern. You may specifically be wary of what that type of treatment will feel like. We can assure you that e-stim therapy is nothing to be feared.

When the treatment session begins, our chiropractor may ask you to lie down and uncover your neck, back, or other injured parts of the body. After that, they will position the electrodes over the injured parts of your body. Our chiropractor will then turn on the electricity and begin treatment.

During this time, you may feel nothing more than mild tingling. Our chiropractor may strengthen the currents to intensify their effects, but the experience should still be comfortable. If the current is causing any kind of discomfort, tell our chiropractor about it so he can adjust.

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We at the Spine & Joint Chiropractic Rehab Clinic in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, can provide electric stimulation therapy. Give it a try yourself by booking a treatment session today. Call us at 971-4-566-5763.

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