Neck Pain

In any given year, 75 percent of adults may experience neck pain worldwide. It could be from an injury, your lifestyle, or a medical condition. Our chiropractor at Spine & Joint Chiropractic Rehab Clinic, serving Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and the nearby region, can provide you with the necessary care to ease your discomfort and facilitate recovery.


Causes of Neck Pain

Whiplash is a cause of neck pain that occurs when the neck is propelled forward, backward, and forward again. It comes from a rear-end automobile accident, contact sports injury, or physical assault. You could also have neck pain if you sit with your neck bent over your phone or working from a computer.

Degenerative disc disease, arthritis, and fibromyalgia are other possible causes. And these are merely some examples.

Diagnosing Your Neck Pain

Before you receive a diagnosis for the cause of your neck pain, our chiropractor will have you complete a full medical history report. Our practitioner will gain insight into your possible causes and any previous surgeries, among other information. Then, our chiropractor can use all this information to plan a treatment approach that is both safe and effective.

Our practitioner may ask you to move your neck differently during your evaluation. Our chiropractor will want to see your entire range of motion and when you start to experience pain. Manually, our practitioner will check for swelling and other signs of injuries.

Treating Your Neck Pain 

How our chiropractor reduces pain and promotes healing depends on your situation. Our practitioner may provide a cervical alignment if you have whiplash or a degenerative disc. This treatment focuses on the neck portion of your spine.

Spinal decompression may ease pressure on an injured disc, and there is an opportunity to recover without the vertebrae getting in the way. In addition, this supports circulation, enhancing the body's natural recovery process.

Sometimes, your treatment approach consists of our practitioner guiding you through exercises that slowly work the neck to enhance circulation and optimize function and flexion.

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