How a Chiropractor Can Help with Pulled Muscles

At Spine & Joint Chiropractic Rehab Clinic in Dubai, we provide comprehensive chiropractic care to our patients suffering from pulled muscles. Our qualified physical therapists are ready to assist you in finding relief from your discomfort. We understand that treating a pulled muscle can be a complex process. That's why we offer non-invasive chiropractic treatments to promote recovery.

Pain Relief for Muscle Pulls

We recognize that living with pain can be challenging. Therefore, our chiropractors begin by accurately identifying the underlying cause of your muscle pull and working to reduce pain through soft tissue manipulation and other treatment methods. We offer manual therapy, which includes massage, stretching, and movement therapies to provide relief from pulled muscles.

Strengthening Exercises

Once we have identified the cause of your muscle pull and stabilized the affected area, our chiropractors may recommend strengthening exercises to facilitate a quicker recovery. You can easily receive customized exercise programs designed to meet your individual goals. The exercises can help improve coordination, posture, and balance while strengthening your muscles for a full recovery.

Chiropractic Adjustments

At Spine & Joint Chiropractic Rehab Clinic, we combine chiropractic adjustments with other treatments to alleviate pulled muscle pain. Our experts use gentle manual adjustments to reduce pain and inflammation while restoring function. We also recommend lifestyle modifications, such as avoiding certain activities that exacerbate muscle pulls, applying heat packs or ice packs for relief, and participating in physical therapy.

Muscle Relaxation Therapy

Usually, muscle pulls occur when a muscle has been overworked, resulting in tension and tightness. At Spine & Joint Chiropractic Rehab Clinic, we offer massage and other relaxation techniques to help reduce muscle tension. We also provide our patients with tools they can use at home to help manage their muscle pulls and prevent their recurrence.

Cold and Heat Therapy

This traditional approach to treating pulled muscles is still widely used today. Heat and cold therapy can stimulate circulation to the area, reduce swelling, and relieve pain. Our experienced chiropractors will work with you to determine which type of therapy is best suited for your situation.

Call Our Chiropractor for Pulled Muscle Treatment

At Spine & Joint Chiropractic Rehab Clinic in Dubai, we understand how muscle pulls can disrupt your daily life. Our knowledgeable massage therapists are here to assist you in restoring muscle function. Call our team today at 971-4-566-5763 to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

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