What is Text Neck?

text neck

If you spend hours reading emails, scrolling your social media feed, or working on your smartphone or laptop, it’s may cause a condition called text neck. This condition occurs due to excessive stress placed on the neck due to tilting your head forward for an extended period. If you spend much of your time on your smartphone, you probably have text neck and would like more information on it. What’s the treatment? How can I prevent it? Spine & Joint Chiropractic Rehab Clinic is here to shed more light on text neck.

Text Neck Symptoms 

We rely on technology to make our lives easier. However, technology can cause pain and discomfort if we don’t observe certain steps. For instance, spending a lot of time staring at digital devices may strain your neck, causing numerous undesirable symptoms. To be precise, it’s not the staring that causes the neck strain — it’s the poor posture while bending forward to interact with the digital devices. Hunching over, tilting your head forward, and rounding your shoulders put an incredible strain on your neck muscles and joints.

If you have text neck, you may experience one or a combination of the symptoms below:

  • Pain in your neck, upper back, and shoulders
  • Eye pain
  • Reduced mobility in the neck and shoulders region
  • Intermittent headaches

If a text neck is taking a toll on your health, please book an appointment with a chiropractor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Preventing Text Neck 

Please observe the following tips to keep text neck in check:

  • Sit upright with your chest out and avoid rounding your shoulders
  • Elevate your arms in front of your eyes to prevent bending over
  • Avoid dropping your head forward by tucking your chin in your chest
  • Take regular breaks from your digital devices
  • Position your digital device in an optimal position to avoid leaning forward to see better
  • Stretch frequently

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