The Mystery of Migraines

Many headache sufferers tend to just pop an aspirin whenever they feel an episode coming on and for most that will do the trick.  However, many headaches can be very strong so strong in fact that even and aspirin has no effect.  These types of headaches can actually incapacitate the individual and leave them bedridden for days.  They end up being passed from doctor to specialist with endless pills and injections and often with little relief.  Their condition is a mystery as some doctors will say.  These migraine sufferers may end up on countless expensive medications for years with little relief.

The reason for the ineffectiveness to the remedies they have sought out is due to the fact these medications are only addressing the symptom of a headache which is simply trying to numb or dull the ache in their head.  The problem with this approach is trying to quantify and group each individual patient into some subcategory or group known as a diagnosis.  Once you have been diagnosed a simple remedy is applied for the subcategory of your symptoms. The problem is assuming that each patient is exactly the same as if we were all made of the same mold like a cookie cutter and that all cures can be conjured up in a cook book.  Unfortunately many migraine sufferers have come to know that this is not the answer which leaves them searching for more.

A simple but effective approach for the difficult to resolve headache is to look deeper into the patient’s medical history.  What usually triggers their headache? Is it stress, poor work ergonomics, family problems, food allergies, lack of exercise, poor diet, sinus problems or maybe poor sleeping habits.  When a detailed history is taken and combined with a detailed exam procedure a more concise answer is usually found. 

Chiropractic doctors are uniquely qualified to detect and correct the cause of migraine headaches.  As opposed to treating the symptom of pain a chiropractor will actually find the underlying cause of the headache.  Many migraine sufferers have spinal misalignments in their upper cervical region which may pinch delicate structure such as cranial nerves and vertebral arteries which feed back to the head.  A specific chiropractic spinal mobilization technique can be used to gain normal function and alignment of the upper cervical area thus alleviating the symptom of the headache.  Another common cause of headaches are micro-misalignment of cranial sutures found throughout the skull.  These small changes in the bones of the head can decrease the flow of cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) thus inhibiting vital nutrients from reaching the brain.  This again can lead to the perceived headache which can easily be alleviated by the proper analysis and application of a specific technique.  Once the cause of the migraine has been determined then the cure is within reach.

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