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Awesome Treatment with Dr. Ayhem


I love the treatment and my back adjustment Spine and Joint Chiropractic is best.

Ahmed Ali

I really appreciate the friendly staff of Spine and Joint Chiropractic Clinic.

John Micheal

The doctor at Spine and Joint Chiropractic is great and very friendly.

Omer Sheikh

Dr. Ayhem is the best Chiropractic Doctor I ever visit. I recommended him to all my Friends and all of them were absolute satisfied with his treatment. He have enormous experience and is able to treat you the best way. He is a reputable Doctor with high ethic level!

Volkan Türksoy

Dr. Ayhem is the best Chiropractor I have been visiting in the UAE. My shoulders and neck are no longer hurting as it used to and my posture started to improve after few sessions. I also had major digestive issues when I stepped for the first time in his office over a year ago and now that is also improved a lot with his natural remedy recommendations. My friends that have been treated by him are very happy with the results as well. I also find the price reasonable for the the treatment and attention you get.

Corina Carstea

Dr. Ayhem is considerably one of the best Chiropractor in the country. He’s very professional and has an extensive background in treating even the toughest cases. I’d give 10 stars if I can.
Highly Recommended!

Angel Caluntad

I was suffering too long on some back pain. Tried various doctors. No positive impact. Could not even sleep anymore due to pain.
After first treatment with Dr Ayhem my pain level went down by 50 % within 1 day only.
Before 2nd treatment – one week later – pain level came down to 25%!
Meanwhile I fully recovered thanks to him.
I am so happy to find him on the net.
Can highly recommended! One of my best experience with doctors ever


Dr. Ayham is the best as really his treatment improved my spine posture and maintain the alignment of all the body. He discovered an issue with my nick with only manual check. Seriously its a life change experience.

Fatima Al Blooshi

The ultimate mechanic for your body. Keeps track of your health, always finds a solution and creates great atmosphere of safety and trust.

Jakub Sulc

Dr Ayham is absolutely amazing and very supportive. He is very knowledgeable and I always get a proper alignment and relief when i visit.

Karim Hamandi

Dr Ayhem is a very experienced and professional chiropractor, and he is skilled in many techniques and modalities. I am always happy to feel better after a treatment with him.


Dr Ayhem is the man! He is the only doctor I would trust in Dubai as he gives me honest advice and only treats what he knows is necessary. Prices are so affordable too which is extremely rare in Dubai. He literally is the man you need to go for if you need chiropractic adjustment, acupuncture, cupping, physio, cold laser therapy etc!

Ayaan Lewis

Ayaan Lewis

Best specialist in town! Have been seeing Dr Ayhem Sabri for 4 years now – he is super knowledgeable and professional. Highly recommended.

Diana Gladka

Diana Gladka

Dr Ayhem is one of the best Chiropractors I have been to, and the experience has been great, my dad was feeling much better and fresh after session and he was very thankful.

Ihab El-saleh

Ihab El-saleh


Dr. Ayhem Sabry B. S., D. C


He was awarded his Doctorate of Chiropractic in 2002. He co-founded and managed HealthTek Chiropractic and Lady of America Gym in Atlanta, Ga. in 2002. In 2005 he moved to Florida where he co-founded Nature Way Chiropractic in Pembroke Pines, Florida.

After graduation Dr. Ayhem continued his post graduate studies obtaining certifications from New York Chiropractic College in Physiologic therapeutics, Manipulation Under Anesthesia, and Applied Kinesiology. He chose to expand his knowledge of physical medicine once again by studying at the International Academy of Medical Acupuncture to become certified in techniques such as electrical acupuncture, laser acupuncture, meridian therapy, auriculotherapy, cupping, and guasha. Dr. Ayhem has also dedicated many years of his career studying nutrition and is a member of Functional Medicine University.

Dr. Ayhem Sabry is an American chiropractor who was born in New York and grew up in various parts of the United States. His family finally settled in Birmingham, Alabama where he spent most of his younger years. Growing up in Alabama gave Dr. Ayhem all the precursors he would need to lead him to the chiropractic lifestyle. Dr. Ayhem found himself in a grounded small community filled with love and nurturing which allowed him to grow and learn. In high school Dr. Ayhem was well placed in advanced studies preparing him for his future career. He was very active within his high school’s extracurricular activities especially sports. Dr. Ayhem was a varsity letterman while in high school in football, wrestling and track and field. He graduated from high school in 1994 with honors and was awarded Homewood High School’s Student Athlete of the Year.

Dr. Ayhem began his chiropractic education in 1999 at Life University College of Chiropracticin Atlanta, Georgia. Through the constant guidance of Dr. Sid Williams, the founder and President of Life University Dr. Ayhem found himself immersed in chiropractic philosophy allowing himselfto absorb and learn all that he would need to treat patients for the entirety of his career. The four years required to achieve his Doctorate in Chiropractic were well worth it. The educational process was more intense than anything he had ever experienced. Classes consisting of physiology, microbiology, anatomy, gross dissection, biochemistry, pathology among many more started early in the morning and continued all day only to befollowed by clinical rounds treating patients. All of this occurred while simultaneously studying and preparing for the Chiropractic National Board Exams. After 4 years of intense work Dr. Ayhem was awarded his Doctor of Chiropractic in 2002.

He soon began his college career at the University of Alabama at Birmingham majoring in Pre-Medicine with a focus in biology and chemistry. While attending university Dr. Ayhem continued his athletic achievements by participating on the varsity track and field team as a 400m sprinter helping to set many university records and assisting the 4x400m team take 3rd place in the Conference USA championships in 1996. Also Dr. Ayhem played for the university’s football team as a running back. As one of the few dual varsity athletes on campus Dr. Ayhem found himself in a unique position to train and learn from many great collegiate coaches which helped to shape his philosophy of health and life. Through hard work consisting of many long nights in the library preparing for exams and many hard mornings training for athletic competition Dr. Ayhem was now forged and prepared for his future career as a chiropractor. He graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham with a Bachelor of Science in 1998.

Dr. Ayhem is also a certified in exercise with the National Academy of Sports Medicine and has been able to help many patients correct their health issues through exercise. To help himself understand his body and that of his clients better Dr. Ayhem chose to study martial arts for 10 years. Under the instruction of his Capoeira Master and Kung Fu Master Dr. Ayhem found that the internal energy that flows within us can be harmonized uniting body and mind for total health to take his patients through. By simply encouraging them to take one step at a time towards their own personal health achievements.

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